Who we are…

The overall concept of the 100 began in New York in 1963 when a group of concerned African American men began to meet to explore ways of improving conditions in their community. The group eventually adopted the name, "100 Black Men, Inc." as a sign of solidarity. These men envisioned an organization that would implement programs designed to improve the quality of life for African Americans and other minorities. They also wished to ensure the future of their communities by aiming an intense number of resources toward youth development. These members were successful black men from various walks of life. These visionaries were business and industry leaders such as David Dinkins, Robert Mangum, Dr. William Hayling, Nathaniel Goldston III, Livingston Wingate, Andrew Hatcher, and Jackie Robinson. 


What we do...

The absence of positive black male role models is having a negative effect on our youth. We provide the face of a man that our kids don’t see when they go home at night. We take kids with no hope, who could easily end up in jail or somewhere on the streets and make them positive contributors to society. We provide direct involvement with a young person on a sustained basis. As real men who have had some success in life we feel it’s our duty to help the underserved. One of the ways the 100 BMOGC works to improve the quality of life for inner city youth is by giving them opportunities, and opening their eyes to different avenues.



Students Tutored for Arithmetic and Reading Success

Students at CMSD’s Daniel E Morgan Elementary School receive weekly assistance with math and reading, to help prepare them for the proficiency exam. Each week four members of the 100 work with a group of five students. The weekly lesson plans are provided by the school principal and members of the 100 work with the students on the lesson plan. This model provides an alternative style learning which may be different from the classroom settings the students are accustom too. By working in the smaller group, the students get more direct attention on any problems the lesson plan may present. 


Mission Statement

Since 1998, the 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland, Inc. has followed its mission of providing services for African Americans in urban Cleveland and East Cleveland neighborhoods. Our organization works to identify, examine and address issues affecting our community. Our programs focus primarily on youth – creating mentoring situations and activities that help break cycles of violence that black youth frequently experience in the home and in their local communities. The absence of positive black male role models in the home is negatively affecting our youth. Mentoring is the first important step in the 100’s outreach process. Building trust among young black men with examples of positive relationships is the 100’s focus as it delivers its programs. Although the 100’s programs are open to all Greater Cleveland African American youth, the organization recognizes that the most desperate need exists in Cleveland’s urban areas.

Nationally and here in Cleveland, the plight of the young African American male is well – known. Many programs and services have assisted young black men who are primarily living in poverty and violent surroundings. However, many young African – Americans still find themselves in cycles of crime, poverty, and unhealthy lifestyles. The 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland, Inc. includes many members who have advanced from these same conditions. This familiarity with the problem makes the 100 the best volunteer and professional staff organization in Cleveland to teach young minorities character, responsibility, financial and self – sufficiency skills, so that they can become positive contributors to society.

Vision Statement

100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland, Inc. seeks to serve as a beacon of leadership by utilizing our diverse talents to create environments where our children are motivated to achieve, and to empower our people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of the communities we serve.

Value Statement

100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland, Inc. is committed to the intellectual development of youth and the economic empowerment of the African American community based on the following precepts: respect for family, spirituality, justice, and integrity.

Core Values

The 100 is committed to the following core values: ·Accountability ·Excellence ·Integrity ·Leadership ·Respect ·Teamwork. The core values of the 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland, Inc. are recognized in how we conduct our business and how we interact with our stakeholders, who are our members, our mentees and their families, our partners, sponsors, and volunteers.

Frederick Douglas once said “It is easier to build strong children than to repair men and women.”

That’s the work we do at the 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland