Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland Inc. The 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland was established in June 1997 to extend the 100 Black Men of America Inc. Four for the Future strategic impact model across Greater Cleveland. Today we are one Chapter of a global network encompassing 116 affiliated organizations, with a combined membership of more than 10,000. In this Application for Membership, you will find information about 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland, information about the Four for the Future strategic impact model, and information about the membership process, including a summary of the “Obligations of Membership.”

The 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland is the premiere professional service organization for African American Men in Greater Cleveland. It is nationally recognized for the quality of its membership, its innovative programs, and commitment to being the leading voice for African American issues in the tri-state. Our members actively contribute their time and financial resources to support our signature programs and many other projects that share our commitment to ensuring a healthy, vibrant, and prospering African American community. Above all, 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland is committed to developing young people, removing barriers for their full development, and serving as mentors and guides along the path to their future success.

We are, in many ways, the most important resources available to African American youth and we embrace this role with tremendous pride, honor, and respect for the responsibilities of leadership Membership in 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland it bestows upon us. A constant reminder of our charge is the 100 Black Men of America Incorporated mottos:

                                      “What They See Is What They’ll Be”


Our mission is anchored in four core values:

1. Respect for Family
2. Spirituality
3. Justice
4. Integrity


Four for the Future Strategic Impact Areas

The Cleveland 100’s programs are designed to fulfill our mission across four, strategic impact areas:

1. Mentoring
2. Health & Wellness
3. Education
4. Economic Development

Four for the Future defines proven levels for enhancing the intellectual development of African American youth and promoting economic empowerment for African American communities.
The Membership Process and “Obligations of Membership”

Membership in The Cleveland 100 is by invitation only and is based on individual merit, and organizational commitment to maintaining a diverse membership representing the broad spectrum of talents, professions, and leaders in Greater Cleveland. Members are selected for their commitment to The Cleveland 100’s mission, service and leadership ability, and unique contributions to Greater Cleveland.

The “Obligations of Membership” requires members to maintain an active role in furthering The Cleveland 100’s mission and Four for the Future  impact areas in their professional and personal lives, fulfill their financial obligations to The Cleveland 100 on time, and attend at least 60% of regularly scheduled meetings and program activities. Members are also required to participate on at least 1 standing committee. Lastly, members are expected to be models of the highest caliber for our youth and apply our core values as a guide for personal and professional conduct.

Members of The Cleveland 100, who are in good standing, must sponsor Candidates for Membership. Candidates will complete Membership Application in detail and then submit the Application and any supporting documents to the member-sponsor for their review and written comments. Once the sponsors have completed Candidate Referral form, they will forward the completed Application to The Cleveland 100 Office. The sponsors will make a personal presentation to the Membership Committee. Upon review of the Candidate’s Application qualifications, and sponsorship presentation, the Membership Committee may recommend approval of the candidate and forward the Candidate’s name to the General Membership for comment, and finally to the Board of Directors, who have final approval authority.

If you have questions about the Membership process or desire additional information about The Cleveland 100, please contact  LaDaunte Strickland Membership Chairman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.